• Collective Perspective


    A cross blend of neuroses combining poetry, art, politics, real-life tales of an emotionalorphan, and oh so controversial topics. Sharing news and discussions on Lit, Poetry, the world around us, and the efficacy of manners.



    The Social yet Distanced Pod and collective exists for one main purpose: To spread the gospel of the arts, and in particular, words to impact, deal with and share with the world, particularly the uninitiated, all the good, bad, and ugly that surrounds us. Worldwide.


    And we have the poets to prove it.



    You may find us joking and having loads of fun, however, don't let that mislead you. We are serious. We believe in arts, particularly words, as a sort of weapon and we know how to use it. We have flowers we'd rather send perhaps. Your choice. We just know the world needs more and we have a job.



    Why "Collective"? Because that is who we are. We run our fingers through the minds of one another with some interest towards enlightenment, redemption, remorse, regret, and maybe a little selflessness in mind. Just think about it. Engage your creativity. You can join in...

  • Partners and Praise

    Jack an incredible poet and podcast host, but he’s also such a genuinely kind human.
    The whole pod staff was the epitome of pro, and you feel valued and at home and like you have a friend, even from your first conversation.

    Austin Davis

    #Poet #Arizona #HomelessAdvocate

    Jack Varnell and Fran Lock have swiftly and brilliantly created an arena for artistic discussion, engagement, rage, and joy that is sorely needed and skillfully executed.
    Being part of the podcast/discussion, for me, was challenging in the best way
    and greatly enjoyable.
    This is necessary, urgent work, which I strongly proscribe to all

    Patrick Davidson Roberts

    Editor of The Next Review
    Magazine 2013 – 2017,
    Nominated for the Melita Hume Prize.
    Lives and works in London.

    I had the pleasure of sharing a microphone with Fran and Jack. I consider myself and PoetryBus Magazine, to be a partner of the Collective.

    Peadar O'Donoghue

    Ex-Salmon Poet.
    Photographer, Hypocrite,
    Marxist Merckxist,

    I have been in and around entertainment, the poetry scene, and involved with advocacy of writers with important voices. Our partnership with the Social Yet Distanced Podcast will make that task much easier. I’ve known them a long time and the trust is well earned.

    Iris Berry

    Co-founder of Punk Hostage Press.
    L.A. Pop culture historian, actress, and musician.
    In 2009 she received her 2nd Certificate of Merit Award from the City of Los Angeles

    Board of Directors for Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center.


    As a writer and educator, I often dance a fine line in being able to connect art with my audience.
    Sharing it with the world is a joy and with passionate people like Fran Lock and Jack Varnell and the support of the Collective, it becomes simply chatting about the things that matter to those that care.

    Golnoosh Nour

    Author - Educator

    "Sorrows of the Sun" 2017
    Coming Soon... Rocksong...

    Being around the poetry scene, for a while, the pandemic has robbed us all of something. In the world of traveling and performance poetry, our lifeblood is the connection to the audience and the budding writer in need of support.
    Online opportunities allow us that and we all look forward to the audiences that will inevitably increase online as it becomes an addition to the art, not a necessity.
    Social Yet Distanced Podcast and Collective, offers hope, and a peek into that future and I believe, will make that task much easier.

    From Toledo, Ohio. John Dorsey is the author of several collections of poetry.
    Teaching the Dead to Sing:
    As far back as The Outlaw's Prayer (Rose of Sharon Press, 2006),
    Which Way to the River:
    Selected Poems 2016-2020 (OAC Books, 2020)
    to the more current
    The Prettiest Girl at the Dance (Blue Horse Press, 2020.
    His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
    He was the winner of the 2019 Terri Award at the Poetry Rendezvous.

    Social Yet Distanced is amazing!
    It's like Garrison Keillor on acid.

    Paul Corman-Roberts

    Legendary Poetic Advocate

    A three-time Pushcart and Best of Web nominee, he currently teaches workshops for the Older Writer’s Lab in conjunction with the San Francisco Public Library as well as the San Francisco Creative Writing Institute.
    He sometimes fills in as drummer for the
    U.S. Ghostal Service."

    The world needs more Jack Varnell’s.

    A human always looking for a way to guide the community around him to a kinder, gentler place.


    Dan Denton 

    Author of Acclaim
    Dan's writing has been published online, in print journals, multiple newspapers, and anthologies.
    He has two previous chapbooks;
    Bury My Heart in the Gutter (EMP Press, 2018)
    and Give Us This Day Our Daily Grind: an Ode to the American Factory Worker
    (Lunch Bucket Brigade, 2020.)
    He has read his poetry in support of 100k poets for change in multiple states and has read at underground poetry festivals with some of America’s best outlaw poets.
    Dan sums it all up best...
    I hope they put this on my tombstone: “Dan Denton gave his life to poetry and American labor.”

    Jack and Fran Lock, phd. have mission in their efforts. Weaving the magic of poetry, and launching it into the world is what I do. It’s a pleasure to not travel alone.
    Human Spirit is always looking for a way to guide the community to a more serene place. Wordsmiths hold magick…

    K. R. Morrison 

    Pirate Girl, Drummer, Teacher, Witch Poet,

    Author of Cauldrons

    K.R. Morrison is a poet and drummer who teaches English Literature and Creative Writing to inner city youth in San Francisco, Ca.
    Cauldrons“ can be had here
    Img. Credit: Ted Leader


  • Social yet Distanced-Principals

    Who is Jack Varnell, the emotional orphan? I am not a hero, possess no fortune, haven’t changed the course of mankind in any way. I am unaware of any lives permanently altered by knowing me. On the other hand, I am no serial killer, thief, dictator, malingerer, or miscreant. I am not in jail or an institution. Some were sure I would be. I am not dead. Bets were surely placed on how long I'd last. I am a museum of past affection. A wax museum in the sun.The byproduct of repetition, resentment, and the past.

    “Sine Amore Nihil Sum” “without love I am nothing”


    Fran LockFran Lock Ph.D. is a some-time dog whisperer, activist, and the author of seven poetry collections and numerous chapbooks, most recently 'Raptures and Captures', published by Culture Matters, the last in a trilogy of works with collage artist Steev Burgess.

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